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  Smart Cities tech give back 125 hours to citizens every year


  Fonterra’s China farms lifted to the GFSI certification


  L'Oréal Group's results in 2017


  Ehang debuts in the US SXSW




  Smart Cities tech give back 125 hours to citizens every year


  Alongside the U.N.’sprediction that by 2030 two-thirds of the world’s population will reside in densely packed megacities, reinforces a real urgency to alleviate the pressures and impact of overcrowding.


  The concept of “smart cities,” which employs Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as connected sensors, meters and lights to collect and analyze data to improve public infrastructure and services, holds the promise to dramatically change the way citizens live, work and get around.

  一项由英特尔赞助的Juniper Research调查预测,智慧城市每年可为每位居民节省125小时。

  An Intel-sponsored study by Juniper Research estimates that smart cities have the potential to “give back” a remarkable 125 hours to every resident every year.


  Additionally, the study ranks the top 20 smart cities worldwide across four key areas: mobility, health care, public safety and productivity, and reveals how these cities deliver positive outcomes for increased time savings and productivity, increases in health and overall quality of life, and a safer environment.

  Juniper Research的预测与咨询负责人Windsor Holden表示:“分析师往往把重点放在技术上,这些技术正是构建数据世界的基石。

  “Analysts tend to focus on the technical underpinnings of building a data-centric world,” says Windsor Holden, head of forecasting and consultancy at Juniper Research.


  We can’t overlook the importance of the real human benefits that smart cities have. Connected communities, municipal services and processes have a powerful impact on a citizen’s quality of life.”


  The study found that Chicago, London, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, are the world’s leading cities integrating IoT technologies and connected services.

  这些城市之所以脱颖而出,是因为当它们过渡到一个更加智慧、更加互联的环境时,就会致力于把市政、企业和公民连接到一起,以满足 “提高宜居性”这一与日增长的需求。

  These cities stand out because of their cohesive efforts to connect city municipalities, businesses and their citizens to address a growing need to improve “livability”.

  英特尔智慧城市物联网解决方案的全球总经理Sameer Sharma表示:“城市是经济活动的引擎,作为行业中的一员,我们必须让城市变得更有弹性,响应能力更强。"

  "Cities are engines of economic activity, and we as an industry need to make them more resilient and responsive,” says Sameer Sharma, global general manager of smart cities IoT solutions at Intel.



  Fonterra’s China farms lifted to the GFSI certification


  Fonterra Recently received Class III Certificate of ‘Safety Quality Food’ (SQF) accreditation authorized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for its China farms.


  Date back to December 2016, Fonterra’s China farms have already all gained Class II Certificate of SQF, becoming the first farms in China to win the title. And this time its China farms have successfully got through the annual review and obtained the highest level certification of SQF with the highest rating (Excellent) in every process of the food supply chain.


  As the internationally recognized top ranking verification system on food safety and quality, SQF owns a much more rigorous examination standard than the well-known ISO quality certification system and it has been acknowledged by many developed countries and markets including USA and Canada in the world.


  In the meantime, GFSI, an international authoritative cooperation, is made up of food suppliers, distributors, service providers and food safety experts in the food supply chain from all over the world.


  “Being the first to receive the Class II Certificate of SQF in China reaffirms the effort that Fonterra China farms have made in operating farms with the highest standards food safety and quality system and the most practical solutions of integration of farm operation with New Zealand and all over the world.” said Hans Berghorst, Fonterra Greater China’s Vice President for China Farms and Manufacturing.


  Fonterra’s China farms had been sticking to the strict food safety standard in the past year to realize end-to-end integration control and make continuous improvements in all aspects from supplier management, material control, feed approach, biological safety, cow breeding, disease prevention, milking, storage and transportation.


  At present, Fonterra has built two farming hubs in China, which are located in Yutian County of Hebei province and Ying County of Shanxi province. Meanwhile, the third farming hub is under construction. More than 60 thousand cows in these two farming hubs can produce more than 350 million litres of high-quality milk each year.



  L'Oréal Group's results in 2017



  Market growth accelerated in 2017, stimulated by extremely favourable demographic and sociological developments. In this dynamic market, L’Oréal achieved a great new year in terms of sales and results.


  L’Oréal strengthened our positions in categories, distribution channels and regions of the world.


  First, in the two most important categories of the market, makeup and skincare.


  Secondly, in two key sectors: selective, where L’Oréal Luxe has experienced its strongest growth since 2000, and dermocosmetics, where our Active Cosmetics Division has passed the two billion euro mark.


  In the New Markets also where, for the first time, L’Oréal surpassed ten billion euros in sales, particularly thanks to the dynamism of the Asia Pacific Zone.


  2017 was another great year of digital acceleration. E-commerce sales grew by 34% and online sales now exceed two billion euros, representing nearly 25% of sales in a digitally advanced country like China.


  L’Oréal achieving a record operating margin of 18%.


  The year was marked by a sharp increase in net income, up 15.3%, as well as by a dividend increase that will be proposed at the Annual General Meeting .


  This year, through our sustainability programme, “Sharing Beauty With All”, the Group has once again demonstrated that economic performance and environmental and social performance go hand in hand and are even mutually reinforcing.


  For example, in 2017, the reduction in our CO2emissions reduced 73% since 2005, whilst at the same time, the Group production increased by 33%.



  Ehang debuts in the US SXSW



  The SXSW is in full swing in Austin, Texas, USA. Chinese technology companies and Internet companies have participated and delivered speeches at the forum. Ehang slammed SXSW with its leading manned drone technology and was selected as one of the official highlights of the SXSW .


  In 2015, the U.S. subsidiary of Ehang for the first time arrived on the stage of. The difference from this three years ago is that Ehang made its debut in the SXSW as a Chinese company with a more complete product technology, a more mature globalization planning, and a clearer cooperation intention, and has achieved close cooperation with China Gathering@SXSW.


  Ehang started from “human” and shares the development ideas as a new batch of Chinese start-up companies through the entrepreneurial process.


  It is in this relatively soft manner that Ehang has won a good response on the platform of China Gathering@SXSW. At the same time, it used a wonderful and professional corporate story as the endorsement for the hard product technology.


  Co-Founder Mr. Xiong said, "In this panel, we want to talk about a journey, not a simple promotion. We have to change the way most Chinese companies spread themselves’ words overseas, but to tell our stories, the causes and consequences, the ideas of entrepreneurs, efforts and so on."


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